Online course: Freedom Academy

The Freedom Academy is an online course slanted towards the study and learning of classic liberalism principles in a simple entertaining way. Because courses are carried out through the specialized eClass platform, participants can access course contents in a dynamic flexible manner. It is especially designed for those who can’t attend FPP’s traditional courses due to time and place restrictions.

Duration: 6 weeks.

Next course: starting September 20th, 2016.

Methodology: online

Difficulty level: basic – intermediate.

Quota: 100, filled on a first enrolled/paid basis.

Price: Ch$5,000 for students and Ch$20,000 for general public.

Addressed to: open to the general public

Applications: Open until September 20th

For more information write us to

Course 1: Principles of a free society

Module 1: Liberal Ethics

Module 2: Institutions of a liberal democracy

Module 3: Progress and freedom

Course 2: Discussion on freedom and liberalism

Module 1: Background information on Liberalism

Module 2: Individuals and Freedom: Culture Foundings

Module 3: Capitalism, why not?

Introduction course to further continue studying the ideas of liberty by yourself, with the benefit of managing your own times and study location.

Students learn the basic principles of liberal philosophy. This is the first instance to learn on these ideas.

General public interested in introducing themselves in freedom ideas.

Online, together with the EClass platform.


"La libertad no se pierde por
quienes se esmeran en atacarla, sino por quienes
no son capaces de defenderla"

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